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COVID-19 CPFCU Update 3/20/20


As we continue to navigate through COVID-19 crisis, I want to share the steps we are taking to protect ourselves and our members while continuing to serve member needs.

CPFCU realizes this is a challenge and plans are changing, sometimes radically, on a daily basis. We want to assure each of our members that we will continue to serve your needs as far as direct deposit files, ACH and check files daily. Our employees have the ability to work form home but we will continue to be present at the credit union.

Here’s what we will be doing to promote “social distancing” from the standpoint of responding to the crisis.

  1. Until further notice we will no longer be holding any in-person meetings with the board of directors and employees. We will continue to stay in contact and the usual monthly meeting will be held via phone with the board receiving informational packets by mail with information from the prior month.
  2. Until further notice  “walk in” visits to enter both credit unions. We will be reduced to Tuesday & Thursday with the hours of 7am to Noon.
  3. If you have anything you need to share with employees please email meisenhauer@charlestonpostalfcu.com or greta@charlestonpostalfcu.com
  4.  Employees will be working at the credit union in order to update mailed items or any drop box deposits from our members. PD&C currently has a drop box and the MPO will have a  drop box the weekend March 27th.
  5. Use the credit unions  website www.charlestonpostalfcu.com to check balances or complete loan applications.
  6.  As the situation evolves and changes we will continue to update members on when we can resume regular credit union hours.
  7.  CPFCU is waiving the $3 monthly debit card fee for the month of April only, unless further notified.

We apologize for any inconvenience our measures may cause and we appreciate your understanding and support through all this very unusual situation.

Stay Safe!

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