1000 Centre Way
Charleston, WV 25309 USA

Rates And Fees

Share/Savings Accounts

Club Accounts

Club Accounts 0.025% APY

Share Accounts

Savings 0.025% APY

Share Certificate Accounts

1 Year CD 0.45% Div. Rate 0.45% APY *

Loan Accounts

Unsecured Loans (Signature)

Personal Loan 9.00%-15.00% APR

Vehicle Loans

New Auto 3.25%-9.90% APR
Used Auto 4.9%-10.50% APR 7.9%-9.90% 2014-Older

Recreational Vehicle Loans

Recreational Vehicle 4.9% – 12%

Credit Cards

Credit Card 10.9% APR  LIMIT $5,000

Fees & Disclosures

Loan Account Fees

Loan App and Processing Fee (if loan is approved) 150 or Less

Miscellaneous Fees

NSF Overdraft Fee 35.00
Transfer Fee 5.00
Stop Payment Fee 35.00
Return Deposited Item 35.00
Photocopy of Draft 5.00 per copy
Wire Transfer Fee Outgoing

Incoming Wire Fee



Non Member Check Cashing Fee 5.00
Statement Copy fee 5.00 per statement
NSF Transfer Fee 5.00
Official Check Fee (For Third Party) per check 5.00


Statement Copy Fee Past 30 Days Per copy 10.00
Reconcilement Account Fee 10.00
Account Research Fee 20.00
Official CU Check Copy Fee                                                                                                  10.00 per copy
 Debit Card Maintenance fee (monthly)  3.50

Debit Card Replace Lost, Stolen, Damaged Card 15.00

PIN Request Fee 3.00


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